Protect your business with perfection in customer experience

No-code automation for fraud prevention teams.


Intelligent decision on every transaction in real-time, with billions of transactions daily.

Dynamic personalization

Continuous profiling customer, devices and other
actors to detect unusual behaviors.

Truly no-code

Fraud teams are able to adapt new
changes as quickly as business need.

Effective automation goes with human and AI.

Build real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention or anti-money laundering detection with no-code platform


Cloud or on-premise

Able to run wherever you need it – cloud or on-prem for regulated industries


Data adapters

Sync and async adapters for a variety of data sources and standards (ISO 8583)



Superfast decisions on transactions – approve, reject or suspend


Performance per core

Dynamic infrastructure provides scalability for required performance

Accelera for Fraud Detection and Prevention in Real-Time

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The complete fraud management platform lets fraud prevention teams outperform in front of emerging fraud threats and deliver a seamless customer experience.

You are in a good team

Banks | Payment services | Service providers | Loyalty programs | Games

"While Accelera's platform tracks players' behavior from a specific perspective, I like partnering with them most of the team members because of execution experience with immediate action to deliver."


Gamification leader at 50M customers loyalty program

"Accelera provides our team end-to-end fraud prevention platform to balance fraud risk with seamless customer experience in digital channels and banking card processing."


Risk management at retail bank

Build your fraud prevention with Accelera for 30 days.

The indicated term is until go-live as a project delivry commitment of the customer success team.

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